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“Before discovering Nature Only Diaper Rash Cream, I tried numerous products only to find them useless for my children’s quite sensitive skin. I went as far as ordering diaper rash products from Australia. Nature Only Diaper Rash Cream is the only product I trust now. After I started to apply this product my children’s skin looked like silk, and they've never had any redness around the diaper area. I simply could not resist thanking your company for creating a truly MIRACULOUS product.”
- Dr. Ia Elua

"Your product is simply far superior to any other diaper rash product that we have tried. It's in a different league."
- I. Abrams

“Because of the severity of my baby's diaper rash, our pediatrician prescribed a product with steroid for treatment. That is when my husband and I made it our job to learn about the various diaper rash formulas on the market. Now, we use your diaper rash cream exclusively as much because of what is excluded from your ingredients. And the results are amazing. Thank you.”
- Rita Goldstein

“With your Diaper Rash Cream, my baby is happy and I have been getting lots of praise from the pediatrician. This is the diaper rash cream that I would recommend without any reservation to any parent.”
- Raya Koren

“Besides the fact that Nature Only Diaper Rash Cream is a remarkable product for diaper rash, we've used it for scrapes, cuts and burns with tremendous resuts.”
- Elana Katz

“Dear Nature Only, thank you for helping us. We tried so many different diaper rash products in the past, but my son was allergic to every one of them. Thanks to your product, he is a very happy child now. I have already recommended your product to all of my friends and will continue to do so.”
- Dr. Rita Ellent

“I spilled hot herbal tea on my thigh and I applied a liberal amount of Natural Healing Aid with a Q-tip- and I immediately felt and noticed a dramatic difference. Pain and redness started to calm down very quickly. Natural Healing Aid soothed my skin. Healing was complete within 1 day. I had no blisters and all redness vanished. Natural Healing Aid is truly a miracle product. I was amazed by how quickly Natural Healing Aid restored my skin without any marks. Thank you Nature Only.”
- Jenny Helly


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